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tv   Today  NBC  March 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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mideast turmoil. u.s. ally yemen locked in crisis this morning as rebels advance and american special forces pull out. today an emergency u.n. meeting to deal with it all amid fears yemen's fall could give al qaeda a foodhold in the region. we're live with the very latest. close call. the hero tsa agent who faced down the machete wielding man at the new orleans airport speaks out. >> i knew i was close so i honestly thought he hit me, then she shot him. >> this morning the suspect is dead and new evidence reveals the bloodshed could have been much, much worse. scare on the slopes. at least seven people are hurt after a chair lift at a popular ski resort starts speeding
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backwards. hundreds are stranded, some frightened skiers taking matters into their own hands trying to jump to safety. and, bracket buster. >> n.c. state is headed to the sweet 16! >> a big upset as number one ranked villanova is ousted by n.c. state leaving the wildcats band in tears. they are the first number one seed booted from this year's tournament but more madness is sure to come "today," sunday, march 22nd, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin in for lester holt alongside sheinelle jones. >> my bracket's not totally
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busted but it is not looking very good. >> villanova was never really in that game last night. >> there was hope towards the end. >> but they did not play like that number one seed. >> the band plays on. so much to get to. starting here though very busy morning. to our top story -- the crisis in yemen. an important u.s. ally. that situation has gone from bad to worse amid fears that country's fall could help ann curry gain new strength there. nbc's kristin welker is at the white house this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: craig, good morning. the latest is that yemen continued to descend into chaos this morning. opposite fighters known as the houthis who drove the country's president into hiding months ago seized the third largest city overnight. the u.n. security council is planning to hold an nj meeting later today to discuss this latest unrest. now all this comes after a deadly terror attack in yemen on friday. the obama administration announced yesterday that it's pulling out 100 special forces.
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one source telling nbc news the threat is just too high. now yemen matters to america because it is home to al qaeda in the rainiranian peninsula, one of the biggest terror threats to the u.s. it was the training ground for underwear bomber who tried to take down a u.s. jetliner in 2009 and more recently one of the "charlie hebdo" shooters in paris learned weapons training there. yemen's president had been a key partner to the u.s. in its counterterrorism efforts. he even supported u.s. drone strikes. but now that he's in hiding that partnership has been lost and a vacuum has essentially opened for extremist groups to thrive like al qaeda and like isis. the concern now is that yemen could further become a breeding ground for these terrorist groups and that could threaten u.s. security interests at home and abroad. it is really a stunning turnaround for a country that president obama had once hailed as a counterterrorism success story. craig? >> kristin welker at the white house this morning, thank you. this of course is one more
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challenge in the middle east for the obama administration to tackle. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning, erica. >> as kristin laid out this rather dire situation, set this up for us. how does this impact the administration's overall counterterrorism efforts in the region? >> well this is another potential failed state. by the way, boy, the ash spring when you think about the terrorist bombing that took place in too kneeunisiatunisia, the one success story, now trying to figure out if there are any success stories left in the arab spring. the issue with yemen is failed state. i put that in there because, failed state has created the unstable station in libya. a failed state created the unstable situation in the rise of isis in syria. iraq we're trying to prevent from becoming a failed state and having isis try to deal with that. so this is now just adding to the challenge. throw in the fact that iran is supportive of essentially the
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one side of this civil war that's taken place in yemen. then you have saudi arabia who's been trying to keep the sunnis there in power. it is really more combustible than ever. >> it is a tough thing to look at. we do need to though turn our attention also to israel. this week of course benjamin netanyahu re-elected after making statements saying that if in fact he did win, he would never allow a palestinian state. backtracking on that after the election president obama was asked about this by "the huffington post" this weekend. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we take him at his word when he said that it wouldn't happen during his prime ministership. so that's why we've got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don't see a chaotic situation in the region. >> the president saying we take him at his word. but in listening to president obama, it almost sounds like the white house has in some ways given up on salvaging this relationship with israel. what's the alternative? >> well when he says we're going to look at other options, what that means, erica, is the
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united states is now going to allow and be fine if the united nations decides to insert itself in the israeli-palestinian dispute and let the united nations outline a framework for what a two-state solution would look like. for years the united states has prevented the u.n. from playing a role and has argued no no no the israelis want to negotiate, the palestinians want to negotiate, the u.s. will play mediator. what the president is saying the israelis only taking netanyahu at his word pre-election not the walk-back with andrea mitchell post-election. that means he's willing to allow the u.n. to play a role and that could further isolate israel from the rest of the world. that's something israel does not want. >> chuck, thanks. we'll be tuning in to "meet the press" later this morning. we'll have much more on the situation both in israel and in yemen. let's talk about the weather now. a nasty cold snap gripping the northeast. the south is getting soaked. dominica davis in for dylan. what are we looking at here? is there we're looking at a cold start to our sunday morning. it is still soggy down in the
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south. a lot of weather to talk about what we're going into the last week of march. look at these temperatures in the northeast. 32 right now in new york city. it feels like 25 but burlington feels like minus 5. that is certainly cold. it is going to be a cold start to the week. we have temperatures that will be hovering in the 30s and 20s. as we progress through monday as well it doesn't get much warmer. temperatures are going to stay below normal pretty much through the last week of march. here's a look at the radar. we're still talking heavy rain down to the south. that will be pushing off to the east. the rain will end and by plondmonday we'll be looking at that rain basically through florida. some pretty significant rain totals with this. some flooding will be possible but we'll have a general one to two inches of rain. that's a look at your sunday forecast. >> all right, dominica thanks. turning now to the latest on that machete attack at the new orleans airport on friday the suspect died last night when
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authorities searched his bag, they were shocked by what they found. this as the tsa agent who put her life on the line to stop him spoke out. kerry sanders gets us caught up on the latest. >> reporter: 56-year-old carol rochelle is as tough as any young marine. >> our job as tsa is to protect passengers. i'm proud to say they were protected. air >> reporter: airport officials say this grandmother's quick actions at the new orleans airport likely save lives when police say 63-year-old richard white went on a rampage, first spraying insect repellant towards passengers and tsa officers' eyes then pulling a machete and swinging. it was rochelle who took charge ordering an evacuation. but then police say white begranan to chase her, that's when an armed deputy fired three shots. one bullet went into rochelle's arm and into the suspect. >> i knew he was close so i
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honestly thought he hit me and then she shot him. once i got to the hospital i saw that the two holes and the two holes in my shirt. all i could say is thank god she was there. >> reporter: once white was down and in custody, deputies found a bag. inside six molotov cocktails, fuses, and a barbecue lighter. all believe this could have been so much worse. >> sometimes the saying "you'd rather be lucky than good." i think we were both to the nth degree. >> reporter: white, who police say was a jehovah's witness, refused life saving medical care based on his religious beliefs. he died taking with him perhaps any exlan nationplanation as to why he attacked. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news new orleans. sheinelle has more on that scary ski accident. >> good morning. state inspectors are trying to learn why a chair lift packed with skiers suddenly began slipping backward. much of the frightening event at
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sugarloaf mountain in maine saturday was captured on camera. words shouted from the ground to the terrified skiers trapped on the out of control chair lift. >> the lift line was screaming at the people on the chair lift to jump so people were literally just raining down. >> reporter: onlookers could do nothing but watch as the lift rolled back faster and faster. >> it felt like forever but it probably only lasted it 20 seconds. >> reporter: some skiers jumped down. the rest stayed on the lift waiting as rescue es rushed tors rushed to bring them to safety. one person trapped documented the rescues, including his own, on twitter. thankful to be down and safe #kingpinefail. by the time everyone was rescued, more than 200 people had to be taken off the life. sugarloaf officials say the king pine lift is inspected daily. >> we intend to get to the
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bottom of why this happened. >> reporter: but they just don't know why this ride to the top of the mountain went so terribly wrong. >> our next concern is to determine what caused the incident in order to understand what happened and why. >> it took rescue crews about an hour to get everyone to safety. seven people were taken to the hospital to be check out but the ski resort says their injuries are not believed to be life threatening. this is the second chair lift accident there in five years. in 2010 eight skiers were hurt when the chair lift derailed and some chairs crashed to the ground. the president of tunisia this morning announced a third gunman suspected in wednesday's museum attack is on the run. two others were killed in wednesday's massacre. they are seen in this chilling video edited and released by the tunisian government. 23 people were killed in the attack, many of them foreign tourists. in ohio a massive explosion levels one house and damages a half dozen more sad day. the gas company was investigating reports of a leak at the time of the blast. only minor injuries were
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reported. a bunch of brackets are busted this morning. mine included. number one seed villanova is out of the ncaa tournament. . the wildcats fell to north carolina state saturday 71-68. meanwhile, the undefeated kentucky wildcats cruise to the next round beating cincinnati 64-51. one of those truly bittersweet moments for georgia state head coach ron hunter. his panthers fell to number six xavier saturday 75-67. but hunter had the rare opportunity to coach his own son r.j. in the ncaa tournament. he showed his emotions after the loss. >> as a coach, best time of my life. but as father -- i love this kid, man. love him. >> i want to give him a hug. the father and son may not be back together on the court. r.j. is a junior and could declare eligibility for the nba
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draft. >> sweet moment. >> that's the best story line of the tournament so far. >> what a special experience. >> he should take him dad to the nba with him. >> why not? >> yeah! >> let's do it! >> the snow has stopped here. not the case though for other parts of this country. >> no. unfortunately we're looking at snow once again and this one for chicago will affect the morning commute. snow over next 24 hours with this system moving through. it is a general one to three but we could see isolated higher amounts. for today though the rain continues to push off to the southeast. we're dry out to the west. again the snow will start to develop up in the midwest by this afternoon and tomorrow morning. tomorrow more of the same to the snow right by chicago in the morning. that i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will be colder than what we saw yesterday, ranging between 39 and 43 degrees, mostly sunny and cooler, with a cold wind out of
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the northwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour. heading into monday sunny and chillier. temperatures stay in the low 40s. as you take a look at what happens as we head into the rest of your workweek we actually warm up heading into the 60s by thursday, but a chance of showers starts wednesday. >> that's a look at your sunday forecast. >> all right, dominica, thank you. . to oregon now where a weekend computer glitch led to some real fear there. thousands of people got unnerving e-mails from a system that alerts crime victims and witnesses when a criminal is released. >> reporter: ward weaver is serving two life sentences in an oregon state prison convicted more than a decade ago of kidnapping killing and burying two teenage girls. but this weekend the prison's notification service sent out an alert that quote "ward weaver has been released from custody. if you have any concerns call 911." some 8,000 additional alerts
8:15 am
about other offenders also went out to people like brie day. >> we were horrified. instantly horrified. >> reporter: the man convicted of killing her 8-year-old cousin had, according to the alert, been set free. >> it just, you no he brought it all up again. just everything that happened and it just made it like it had just happened you know? >> reporter: thankfully the alerts were false. a zblichglitch in the notification service nicknamed vine. "we apologize for the erroneous notifications and are committed to remedying the issue as soon as possible," a prison spokesperson said. the service offered in oregon operates in 47 states sending out some 10 million notifications since its launch in 2001. alerting victims, family members or witnesses about the custody status of state prisoners. the glitch which came after a routine system maintenance, was confined to oregon. >> we thought it was real. why would they do a notification
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like that if it wasn't. >> reporter: thousands like brie victims again of a haunting mistake. for "today," jaycob rascone, nbc news. up next on "today," a larger than life tribute to a war hero. the speci man when i got shingles it was something awful. it was like being blindsided by some linebacker. you don't see it coming. boom! if you've had chicken pox that shingles virus is already inside of you. it ain't pretty when it comes out. now i'm not telling you this so that you'll feel sorry for me. i'm just here to tell you that one out of three people are gonna end up getting shingles. i was one of 'em. so please go talk to your doctor or pharmacist. here's your vacation in a word... wow. royal caribbean's wow sale is going on now. get up to $200 to spend onboard. plus a 50% reduced deposit.
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and it's now combinable with our buy one get one offer. call 1-800-royal-caribbean today. back now on a sunday morning with a touching tribute to a fallen hero. three years ago this week an idaho family's life forever changed when their son was killed on the front lines. now they're preparing a special good-bye. nbc's gatebe gutierrez has their story. >> reporter: for jerry and becky brown, the last three years have been a long road. >> it's been pretty emotional day. >> reporter: now they're driving from their hometown in idaho to see their son. >> we have been looking forward to this day for a long time.
8:18 am
>> reporter: they've never seen him quite like this. >> part of me died when he died. >> reporter: army sergeant dan brown was just 27 years old when the roadside bomb exploded in afghanistan. he never got to meet his newborn twin daughters. never got to say good-bye to his wife jordan. >> i miss my friend. i don't know. i loved -- >> reporter: sometimes a grave site just isn't enough. so to keep his memory alive,er is gernt brownsergeant brown's family rounded up donations and commissioned a salt lake sculptor to create this statue. what was the hardest thing to capture? >> his spirit. >> sergeant brown loved to hand out candy to afghan children. >> they're ambassadors. they came with peace to protect freedom. >> reporter: before it can be cast in bronze and shipped to
8:19 am
his hometown the clay sculpture needs final approval. first from two girls now almost 3 years old who finally get to see their father for the first time. >> it's so great. >> reporter: and then from two parents who never thought this road would end. >> just to be able to see your son again is kind of a sentiment most people probably don't ever get the chance to do. it means a lot. >> he's got a dimple there. and the world is filled with so much sadness. we need to replace that with some glimmer of hope. >> reporter: hope that a hero's memory lives on. >> i love you, dan. >> reporter: gabe gutierrez, nbc news salt lake city. >> that statue is set to be cast in bronze this week. wow, right? >> special. >> good story. we're back right after this.
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log on to learn more. it is back to work tomorrow for most people and with more time in the office comes -- more time with your co-workers. >> hey hey! according to a new survey more time for those co-workers to get under your skin. we have no idea what's that like here. sheinelle has a list of top office pet peeves. >> we're lucky we all get along, however, office pet peeves are so real that folks at "the daily mail" surveyed about 1,000 people asking them to weigh in on their co-workers' habits.
8:22 am
here they are. starting with the ladies here are their top five pet peeves. number five not being organized, followed by bad hygiene, too many cigarette breaks. number two is being late. . the number one way to annoy a woman at the office is -- eating smelly food. we can't forget about the men. here's what they had to say. number five taking too long for lunch, followed by being late talking too loudly on the phone, colleagues spraying perfume or aftershave. and the number one most annoying habit of co-workers according to moan men is -- you ready? having a messy desk. sure there are gender differences. however, if you don't want to get under your colleague's skin and avoid doing all of the above, just do do any of-- don't do in he of these things. what are your office pet peeves? be honest. >> smelly food?
8:23 am
>> people are having personal conversations really loudly. especially when they're clearly involved in some sort of dispute with their significant other. >> really uncomfortable. >> i actually never worked in an office setting. i'm always like out. i don't really -- you know? but craig definitely does everything on the list. >> wow. i don't even smoke, so we know that's not true. >> now. still to come here on "today" -- now it's awkward. the newest generation of nascar fans. we'll meet a rising star in the sport who's helping job oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting. one bite at a time.
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good morning.
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i'm rosemary connors. it is 8:26 on this sunday. let's get right to this sunday forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. sun already out this morning, brittney. >> that's right, but it's still going to feel cold as we head into the rest of today. 10 degrees colder than what we saw yesterday, and that's going to be true as we head back to work. but a look outside right now at boathouse row. it looks really sunny and warm out, but it's not. temperatures are starting off in the 30s and we'll see temperatures staying between 39 and 43 degrees with a cold northwest wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows, heading back to work with a daytime high of 40 degrees, but we warm up heading into wednesday and thursday. you can count on nbc 10 for the latest weather information, right on your smartphone or tablet. our new app is a free download from the app store. new video into nbc 10. philadelphia police detectives with a search warrant going inside of a house where a 12-year-old boy was shot overnight. nbc 10 was on the scene this morning on janney street in port richmond. you can see the investigators leaving with a bag of evidence.
8:28 am
police say the boy's mother and her live-in boyfriend got into an argument just before 3:00 this morning. according to investigators, the man heard somebody coming down the stairs and fired a gun without checking to see who it was. the boy was shot in the left leg. right now, he is in stable condition in the hospital. i'm rosemary connors. brittney and i will see you right back here in 30 minutes at 9:00 for a full hour and a half of news. now, back to "today." have a good one.
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♪ some very talented young musicians. they're jamming out with a little led zeppelin in kentucky. their music has not gone unnoticed by the band. craig will bring us their story just ahead. along with a very special cameo. we have a rock star crowd out here on the plaza today. i like rowdy on a sunday morning. >> happy birthday tom! happy birthday. >> we have another birthday right here. >> you don't look 60. >> thank you. >> another birthday over here. it is a good day for birthdays and a great place to celebrate them. march 22nd, 2015.
8:31 am
nice to have you all with us. this morning -- >> chilly day in the northeast. we'll get a little forecast in just a second. lot to get to in this half-hour. let's start with this morning's headlines. the u.n. security council is holding just hours from now an emergency meeting on the deteriorating situation in yemen as american special forces prepare to pull out of that country as rebels advance there. it could be a win for al qaeda. in new orleans, authorities say the man who went on an airport machete rampage friday left behind a backpack loaded with molotov cocktails. the suspect died. the tsa agent that faced him down is being hailed as a hero. at least seven people were hurt at a ski resort saturday when a chair lift malfunctioned stranding hundreds of skiers and sending some of those skiers jumps to the ground. a similar incident happened at this same resort a few years ago. this morning you'll meet a
8:32 am
rising star behind the wheel of nascar's new drive for diversity. also ahead, history being made in london today for a famous english monarch who never got a proper burial. we'll go to london behind the inteaguein intriguing tale behind king richard iii. and must-have kitchen electronics and gadgets coming to stores near you. . we begin this half-hour with developments in the robert durst case. the wealthy heir and now murder suspect suspect. >> good morning. attorneys for robert durst argue there was no probable cause to arrest him last weekend in new orleans and they are demanding a judge grant a hearing with hopes of getting him released from jail as soon as possible. this morning, robert durst remains in a louisiana jail awaiting another court appearance tomorrow. in a motion filed friday his attorneys say durst was unlawfully arrested on an
8:33 am
invalid california warrant and that the lapd timed it to coincide with the conclusion one week ago of a six-part miniseries on hbo, "the jinx." >> he's an easy target right now. and a lot of people want to get in on the act. >> reporter: in the final episode of "jinx,". >> i killed them all of course. >> reporter: the wealthy real estate heir is heard off camera muttering to himself in a bathroom after an interview with the show's producers. his mike still hot. durst is now charged in the 2000 execution-style murder of susan berman a charge he denies and also faces weapons and drug charges. smiling as he left a court appearance this week durst has long been suspected of involvement in berman's death and the disappearance of his first wife kathleen in 1982. she was officially declared dead though her body's never been found. durst never charged denying any involvement. >> robert durst, not guilty. >> reporter: he was also acquitted in 2001 of murdering and dismembering a neighbor
8:34 am
morris black, in texas. durst claims he killed the man in self-defense. >> if we try this case and when we try this case we got to try it on facts and not on a tv program. >> reporter: the documentary uncovers new evidence notably a hand-written envelope and letter addressed to berman allegedly by durst that bore similarities to an anonymous note sent to police that led authorities to her body. >> is a jury going to feel comfortable sending somebody to jail for murder on a handwriting exemplar which is really circumstantial evidence. >> robert durst has waived extradition agreeing to return to the west coast to face that murder charge though it is not clear when he will head back. erica? >> ron, thank you. dominica davis is back with a final check of the weather for us. >> it is cold out here. but, spring is still in the air. i can prove it! because look at these ladies. ladies you guys are -- you're begging for spring to come.
8:35 am
>> right. we're from massachusetts and vermont and we thought new york was going to have spring. >> well you thought -- yeah. the calendar said it but it still hasn't arrived. unfortunately, it is very chilly out here but you guys look fabulous. and you had a lock winterng winter. it is a chilly morning. feel-like temperatures are in the single digits and the 20s. spring has sprung and it is really out to the west though. temperatures are above normal and that is going to continue for the next several days out there. they've been seeing above normal temperatures while the east coast has been dealing with below normal temperatures. that will continue right through tuesday. temperatures will be above normal. that's a i'm first alert meteorologist brittanyney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will be colder than what we saw yesterday, ranging between 29 and 34 degrees. mostly sunny and cooler with a cold wind out of the northwest, 5 to 10 miles per hour.
8:36 am
heading into monday sunny and chillier temperatures stay in the low 40s. if you take a look at what happens as we head into the rest of your workweek we warm up heading into the 60s by thursday, but a chance of showers starts wednesday. >> and that's yush your spring sunday forecast guys. now to a funeral fit for a king. today king richard iii is finally headed for a proper burial hundreds of years after his death. nbc's kier simmons joins us live from london this morning with a story that's -- this is straight out of shakespeare. >> reporter: it really is craig. good morning. imagine now that you are an ordinary guy just living your life and out of the blue someone turns up and tells you that you're related to royalty. that's what happened to a canadian man in his 50s who found out that he is the great great great great -- you have to say it 17 times -- nephew of the king a king whose story is being rewritten today.
8:37 am
>> reporter: a quiet ceremony as king richard iii's body is carried from close to the spot where he was killed 500 years ago. richard's skeleton was found in 2012 beneath a parking lot. the search for dna proof it really was him led to a descendant of the king a canadian born furniture maker with no clue he was related to royalty. he is richard's 17th great grand nephew. >> the idea that you're related to a royal is something that takes a bit of getting used to. >> reporter: and, a coffin was crafted for richard's reburial. >> being asked to make the coffin was of course a great honor. history's coming alive in front of me and i'm standing in the middle of it involved in it. >> reporter: richard was the last british king to be killed in battle. a royal burial was denied him by his conqueror, king henry vii. >> the last time he left that battlefield, he left it as
8:38 am
naked, slung over a horse. so to honor him now as a king is make peace with the past. >> reporter: the first time a british monarch's remains were taken from the ground and reburieded. >> >> he was an anointed king of england so he think he deserves the honor that's given him. >> reporter: the remains buried for five centuries will be buried this week at the cathedral and history will be made. >> reporter: king henry didn't have a great reputation. his story was told by shakespeare. he was said to have his own nephews murders. now folks are saying perhaps he's been viewed unfairly and that he wasn't so bad. no one is more happy about that than his ancestor there who just seems so excited about all this doesn't he? >> you know keir we just had the same thought. >> keir simmons this morning from london thank you. up next -- the rising new
8:39 am
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go ahead: run around, jump rope, play catch, climb up that jungle gym! staying active for an hour a day is easy when you make it fun. now on your mark, get set. the more you know. keir simmons nascar is back in full swing today. it comes amid an effort to bring more diversity to both the track and the stands. nbc's hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: in a sport where speed is everything, nascar's highest profile latino driver. >> to be able to go back to my community and to be able to know that a little kid had grew up in a cuban-american neighborhood
8:43 am
can make it all the way to the top. >> do you feel like a role model? >> i do. and a proud one. >> reporter: nascar hopes to see more drivers like amarola and more diverse fans at a time when attendance is down nascar's steve phelps -- >> we think it is a very strong market for us. would we like to see it more? absolutely. >> reporter: latinos make up only 12% of nascar's audience but that's double-digit growth over the last few years. as the sport does more with spanish language broadcasts tv commercials and social media and highlighting its roster of latino drivers, including up up-and-comer danny suarez who didn't speak any english when he began racing in the u.s. from nascar mexico. >> coming in from mexico how was that transition for you? >> it was super difficult. at one point i thought it was more difficult to try to learn the language than to drive the
8:44 am
race cars. >> reporter: it is not just about diversity among drivers, but behind the scenes too. kim lopez just became the first latina to wave the flag at daytona. >> it just shows how much the sport has branched out over the years and the different diversity of people that are coming in to the sport. >> that is so cool! >> reporter: for the next generation of fans this may be just the beginning as the drive for diversity picks up speed. >> it makes us that much more of the all-american sport. >> reporter: for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news fontana, california. let's send it over to dominica who's in the orange room with "today's plaza fan of the day." >> this is our fan of the day. thomas and teresa from syracuse new york. so take it away. still coming on "today," hot new appliances changing the way you put food on the table. >> right after these messages. >> woo! ohhh. i remember this day... he got so many compliments on this costume. today is stanley's big day. happy birthday, stanley.
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. we are back on a sunday morning. if you're like a lot of people you may be pouring a lot of time and a lot of money into creating the perfect home with the latest appliances and gadgets. sheinelle is here with the high-tech tools getting a lot of
8:48 am
buzz at the international home and housewares show. >> it was a good time. it was a massive essentially expo primarily for retailers to decide what pros to put on store shelves but these gadgets could end up in your house before you know it. >> you know i'm really thrilled with the way millions of women are now enjoying -- sunbeam controlled heat automatic fry pan. >> reporter: it's not your grandmother's kitchen anymore. consider the ante at chicago's international home and housewares show it is high-tech and high-speed. more than 2,100 exhibiters from around the world are here to show retail buyers what they have to offer in the 314 billion mr. global housewares market. >> healthier living is a big, big trend here at the show. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> for me it is interesting because it seems like we want to go back to the way it used to be with simple ingredients with be but we also want a high-tech kitchen. how do you balance that? >> i think what consumers are doing is juggling it. they're taking the best of both
8:49 am
and combining it so that they may have some very high-tech products and they may have some very lowe tech products. >> reporter: this year a push for convenience and cool design. like your keurig? how about putting it in your refrigerator. and that's how you make a up can of coffee. ironing a chore? not anymore. this iron can press a shirt in under a minute. with 13 miles of aisles there are thousands of products. some of which are just plain cool. take this 3-d pancake maker, appropriately named the pancake bottle. move over snow white -- you, too, can have a magic mirror. >> all right, mirror mirror tell me what i need to know about my face. >> reporter: this one by panasonic has built-in sensors that diagnose your skin and offer suggestions on how to improve your problem areas. innovation on display. products these manufacturers say will make your house a very
8:50 am
high-tech home. and finally, as for something you can look out for in the future? no surprise -- expect more appliances to be integrated with apps on your smartphone. you'll be able to control that cup of coffee from upstairs. actually with that refrigerator i showed you, you can do that now. >> coffee maker -- >> you're in the bed, you wake up i want my coffee. talk to your refrigerateorrefrigerator come downstairs push your button you'll have your hot cup of coffee. >> what what's theas the most impressive gadget? >> for me it was the magic mirror. they're still developing it now you stit downit down and it points out dry spots. then ladies if you want a little smokey eye makeup it will project that. then on the side i thought it was really cool. they recommend like maybe you should try this kind of fruit juice or like smoothie recipes for your skin. yes. >> not like you should try this cream that we're trying to sell.
8:51 am
>> things you can recommend. >> kind of creepy mirror. old-school rock goes new school. we'll introduce you to a group of young kids who sparked an internet frenzy jamming out to some classic "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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♪ we love this next story. a very talented group of young musicians whose online jams have gone viral and pulled us all in. >> i recently traveled down to kentucky to see for myself what made a rock 'n' roll legend sit up and take notice. if you're a fan of classic rock even if you are anot, this beat
8:55 am
might sound familiar. that's because it is a led zeppelin classic. but no you, there are some new rock stars in town. minus the shaggy hair and tight leather pants, meet the louisville lends,opards, a group of musicians from louisville kentucky. they're so hot they even caught the attention of jimmy page when a mash-up of his hits went viral on youtube. >> 3 million people saw the video. how does that make you feel? >> happy and grateful for whole opportunity. >> i heard that he just put it on his facebook page and he apparently has a lot of followers, i think. >> reporter: after he posted too good not to share. have a rocking weekend, these kids wound up getting recognition beyond their wildest dreams. >> it was really cool. >> he liked us and i was very proud. >> he says like there is great. and then we go ooh. that's cool. >> reporter: the force behind the leopards is teacher diane
8:56 am
downs. downs has been running the non-profit since 1993 on top of her day job. takes kids from every walk of life most have never picked up an instrument before. >> these kids that are in the group are not designated as talented. they're just regular old b-flat kids. >> reporter: she's a mother figure. >> you got until thursday to clean up your mess. okay? >> reporter: a disciplinarian -- >> stop. stop. >> reporter: and a friend. >> that was really good. >> reporter: she has no children of her own but the leopard kids are her family. it seems though that this is about so much more than music. >> it is definitely more than music. it's changing their lives. it's making them different. it is making them think differently and they're in the group with all these different kinds of people and they're all contributing to one great thing and that's real life. >> reporter: are the kids have total ownership of the group. they decide what songs to play and who's going to play what.
8:57 am
the older leopards are even responsible for guiding the younger ones through practice. and sometimes even some older visitors. >> in this group, everybody has a job to do including me. and i'm not more important than the other kids. >> reporter: but her role in these kids' lives is really important. just ask hand in welton a former leopard herself. now she's the drummer for prince. yes, that prince. welton surprised the kids with a visit. >> i wouldn't have found my love for music as young as i did if it wasn't for diane just being like hey, you want to learn how to play? this is a community here in this building. this is a family. i'm so proud of these kids and it is incredible what diane can do even with young people that have never played an instrument. >> i get to teach kids how to play music. and to watch them play and to grow through music, i couldn't imagine not doing this. this is what i get to do. i love it.
8:58 am
>> it really -- it's been transformational for a lot of these kids. lot of these kids say that they were not musically inclined, and all of a sudden they start showing up for these classes and they develop this life-long love of music. >> it is really empowering for them too, going from never having picked up an instrument before to being part of this talented group. she's a very talented lady. >> and is a full-time teacher. she volunteers. >> there's something about playing with a group that's special. >> jimmy page not the only fan. rosie o'donnell, amy poehler, also big fans of the louisville leopards online. make sure you tune in to "meet the press." chuck todd and his guests will talk about the dispute between the united states and israel. that will do it for us on
8:59 am
9:00 am
right now on nbc 10 news today, a child is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. why philadelphia police say an argument led to the gun going off. this morning, the american red cross is helping neighbors affected by a fire that ripped through their apartment complex down the shore. now investigators are looking for what sparked the flames. a chilly and breezy start to our sunday. it may feel more like winter than spring but there is a warm-up on the way. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this sunday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking a mix of sun and clouds. >> and i


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